A Small Army of Dogs

I recently read somewhere that there are more than 350 different breeds of dogs in the world. That’s news to me seeing as how I only have 9 out of 350 of those breeds. But having a pedigree animal matters very little to me. I only like to know their breeds so that I can understand their mindsets and the kinds of illnesses they may be prone to.
Black Dogs
Army of Dogs
I’ve met many people who claim to ‘love animals’ but then those are the same people who will talk about their dogs and never forget to mention the fact that they are pedigree dogs. Or they’ll ask me ‘how can you just pick up a stray from the road without knowing where they’ve been or where they’re from? I could never do that. I don’t know how you do it’. To such remarks and questions, I simply smile and think to myself, ‘what an idiot‘ and move on.
I currently have 15 dogs, before that, I’ve had many more. My first dog ever was called Libra. He wandered into my parent’s friends’ garden one night and my parents decided to take him home. I was 5 then so I can’t really remember Libra and all I know is that we gave him to one of my dad’s friends before we left for Seychelles.


In Seychelles, we accumulated around 17 dogs. It all started when we moved into a beautiful house with a huge garden. The house came with 3 dogs. Then we sort of took in and adopted several strays from around the area and the SSPCA. Some of the females got puppies and so we ended up having 17 dogs.
Sadly we had to leave and so the next tenants found themselves having to care for 17 dogs. From Seychelles, we moved to Cyprus where we did not get any dogs.
We then moved back to Seychelles and resumed our ‘habit’ of adopting dogs. That’s when I met Lily. An adorable tiger-striped dog with a kind personality. We adopted her from SSPCA. She made me understand how much a person can love a dog. We then got 2 more dogs to keep Lily company: Shosho and Frodo.
Once again we had to leave and came back to Kenya. Lily, Frodo, and Shosho were all given to good homes and my mother kept in contact with their owners for years after we left, making sure that they were okay.

Max, Ridge, and Mona

We got Max within a year of being back in Kenya. He was brown when we got him and then turned white after his bath. Max is a cross Japanese Spitz x Golden Retriever. He’s very fat and very emotional. Max is now 10 years old.
After Max we got Ridge. He was a hell of a dog. Toughest and most loyal dog I have ever known. Then came Mona, the love of Ridge’s life. Mona and Ridge were like an old married couple. They had their fights but it was never too serious and they could always move past them. Mona hated Max and Max was Rigde’s best friend. So there was a lot of drama involved in that relationship.
The Founding Fathers and Mother
The Oldies

Frisky, Mika, Nyati and Pukins

After Mona, we got Frisky, a noisy Japanese x Pomeranian Spitz. Frisky has cancer. We rescued him from his careless owners who let him develop skin cancer by leaving him out in the sun all day with no shade. Mona hated Frisky and so Max became his friend.
Pukins and Mika
The Dwarves
Soon after that, we got Mika, a fiery and adorable dachshund that even Mona couldn’t resist liking. Then came Nyati, a black Shar Pei with loads of character. Mona hated him and he hated her, so they could never be friends.
After Nyati, came Pukins, our 2012 Christmas present from my dad’s friend Charles. Pukins is a dachshund x terrier who fell in love with Mika. Their relationship only lasted 1 year because Mika died soon after they met.
The Young Ones

Three Musketeers and the Seven Puppies

Mika’s death made room for Bella, a beautiful Bouvier x German Sheppard who stole my heart. Bella then got married to Marley a puppy who jumped onto my dad’s lap and refused to leave. Marley is a Brown Labrador x Ridgeback with hyper tendencies that cause him to jump over any and all fences.
Shortly after Marley came, we got Mishka, the friendliest and kindest German Sheppard alive. Together they became the three musketeers.
Not long after that, Mishka became the third wheel and had to join the rest of the dogs when Bella and Marley got pregnant. Together they had 7 puppies: Faru, Jupiter, Nacho, Paji, Ramses, Suki, and Tusker. And so I became a grandmother and Mishka lost her best friend, Marley.
All my little Babies
The Puppies



Three years later and a month before Ridge passed away, Alfalfa ran onto the road and right in front of my sister’s car. Don’t worry she didn’t knock him, but she did take him home. He was a scared bag of bones until he met us. Now he’s a naughty puppy who never stops playing. He’s the newest member of the family, and Mona hates him, along with the rest of the dogs.

So there you have it, my canine family. If you want to know about my feline family, check out my next article.

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