A Small Army of Cats and Dogs

The Army

Grey Kitten with Pink Ball
Munchen the canine slayer
I love my pets. I love all of them, just not at the same time. Having an army of cats and dogs isn’t always easy, especially when they don’t always like each other. I’ve had my fair share of loss over the past years, but it’s not all been bad and I can say with complete honesty that they have all shaped me into who I am today. They have their unique traits and the special ways in which they show you how much they love you.
Puppies sleep through everything
Most people have 1 or 2 dogs. I have 15. Most people have 1 or 2 cats. I have 9. In my life, I have had around 38 dogs and around 19 cats. So in my case, I have the healthiest heart alive.
Shar Pei
Give a dog a bone

The Healthy Habit

From a very young age, I developed a very ‘healthy’ habit of picking up strays and of always saying yes to an animal in need. This habit was formed when I lived in Seychelles, where I accumulated over 17 dogs and 4 cats.
All the while I thought that I was the one who went out and found these animals but as time went on and I got more and more animals, I realized that I do not find them, they find me.
Chancho the Vampire kitten
Kitten with a human mama


When we moved back to Kenya in 2007, we had no animals. Then one day, a cat named Puss walked into our house and never left. Since then we got 3 more cats, 1 dog, then 3 dogs, then 4 dogs, then 4 cats, then 3 dogs, then 7 dogs and lastly 5 cats. The most recent addition to the family is now a dog. Funny how we started with a cat and now the last pet we have is a dog, who all but threw himself in front of my sister’s car.
The Beasts
An army of dogs
The numbers may not be that accurate since we’ve had so many animals. All of them have been precious to me. Each animal has taught me something about life and about myself.
So join me as I tell the tales of all their lives and how they have had an impact on mine.

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